It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of hexing before you attempt this. I don't have time to guide you step for step in the process, sorry!
Paintballz: Paste the listed ballz into the Paint Ballz section and change colour, outline etc as you wish
1) Paste the addballz code into the Addballz section (usually the bottom) and make sure there are no emtpy lines, or they will not work.
2) It's time to add the linez. First we will need to count the ballz numbers. Addballz always start at 77, the one below that is 78, the one below that is 79 etc.
3) This is how I do it: Open Notepad. Write the ballz numbers. Let's say we're going to add a copy/pastie that has four addballz that begin with 90. I will then write it like this:

4) Now retrieve the linez code from the copy/pastie. It will use different numbers than your file, most likely. Check where it begins and then add it in a second column in Notepad, like this:
90 - 82
91 - 83
92 - 84
93 - 85
Now you will have an easy list to use and you can switch the linez numbers to the ones that fit with your file.
5) You can also "cheat" if you want a quicker way. Say that the copy/paste begins with ball 85 (according to the linez) and you are at just 83 in your file (so you'd need to edit all linez numbers by 2). Instead you can just add in two addballz that you then put at size -99 or such. Then you can copy the linez as they are and don't need to change any numbers since they will add up correctly.

When you are going to switch the linez code to have the correct ballz numbers (rather than