Hexer's Checklist
When you've hexed a number of breeds, you begin to check the same things before you call it finished. It's easy to miss details sometimes, details that can be annoying when you realize them later! To help you look over your breed carefully, I've made a little list of sorts, which you can check and look over your breed, to see if it's ready to be put up for acceptance/put up for download etc.

-Are the eyes even and at a good width apart?
-Are the ears symmetrical?
-Are the nostrils well placed, especially when viewed from the side?
-Is the muzzle shape correct for the breed?

-Is the topline correct for the breed?
-Does it have enough chest/belly/butt? Is the underside correct for the breed?
-Is the body in proportion to the head?
-Is the neck as smooth as possible? Is the neck length good?

Are the frontlegs straight and symmetrical?
-Do the hind legs have the type of angulation you want? Are they symmetrical?
-Are the ankles placed at the correct height?
-Are the knees placed at the correct height?

-Is the tail placed at the correct height for the breed?
-Is it held at the level it should for the breed?
-Is the tail as smooth as possible?

-Do only 2 fingers show in pose?
-Are the fingers and toes the same size and all paws the same size/length?
-Are the outlines correct for a good look?

-Do the outlines look good? Any that should be changed or removed?
-Does the fuzziness (both on balls and lines) look good? Are they set up right for correct 2nd gens?
-Does it breed correctly?
-Have you settled on a fitting base breed/SCP?