Converting an Unibreed to a Regular breed
Currently some people are unable to use unibreeds in their game. Perhaps this will eventually be fixed but for now some have asked if it's possible to convert an unibreed to a regular breed, and yes, it is. Basically, you take an "empty" (untouched original) breedfile and paste all required info into it. I will show you how.

Here I am going to convert my Iceland dog to a regular file for Petz 4 (it works exactly the same for P3-5), and I am going to use LNZ Pro. Also, it works the same with catz files, it'll just be different letters under LNZ to the left, same principle so try it and see what you make of it.
Since I use screenshots and other large pictures, I've posted thumbnails to illustrate. Click on them to see a larger version (they will open in new windows).

unitoreg1.gif (14666 byte)
Step 1
Open the breedfile you are going to to convert from in LNZ Pro. Also open the file you are going to move it to. Pick the original file of the breed the file was hexed from (the iceland dog was hexed from the dalmatian, so I open the PF Magic dalmatian file. Be sure to make backups of all files in case you mess up!
Don't know what file it was hexed from? Look at the hexed file. Double-click on the LNZ link to the left. You will see two new folders under it. The letter combo will give a hint - DM is dalmatian, GD is great dane etc. These will tell you what the base breed is, regardless of the file's behavior, sounds etc.

unitoreg2.gif (44070 byte)
Step 2 - LNZ Info
In the file you are converting from (Iceland dog in my case) click on LNZ, then DM (remember, if your breed has a different base file than the dali it will say a different combo, but it's the top one right under LNZ). In the window to the right, select and copy everything. The easiest way click somewhere in the window, then press control + a, keep control pressed and now press c.
Go to the file you're copying to. Open the same section. Select all (ctrl + a) and then press ctrl + v. This will paste the unibreed's info over into.
Go back to the left menu, there will be a PUP section (in the dalmatian it is called DMPUP for instance). Repeat the same process as above so you replace the pup/kitten section too.

unitoreg3.gif (13523 byte)
Step 3 - SCP
Now, many breeds (older ones in particular) use the same SCP as the base file. Then you can ignore this step all together. If you know that the file has different SCP than the original file and need to change it, this is how I do.
The iceland dog has dalmatian base but chihuahua SCP. You can steal the SCP info from the iceland or the chi file, I'll use the iceland for simplicity's sake.
Choose the file with the SCP you are going to copy over (ie the unibreed). In the menu to the left, click on "SCP" to select it. Right-click and choose "Save to file". Save somewhere and name it whatever - doesn't matter.
Go to the file you're converting to. Select SCP, right-click and choose Replace from File. Then you pick the newly saved file. Voila!

Step 4 - Adoption Center Picture
Using the exact same "save to file" and "replace from file" deal as above, you can replace the adoption center picture. You find it in the left under BMP.
Also, if the BMP file is named something other than the default file name (for instance, if it is a dalmatian-based unibreed and it says anything other than SPOT) change it to the unibreed's name. Just right-click and choose Rename and replace in your new file. This has to do with what name is displayed in the adoption center when you adopt a pet.

unitoreg4.gif (5011 byte)
Step 5 - File name and ID
The (almost) lost thing we need to change is the file name.
In the unibreed, to the left, select "String list". Then 63. Look for 2 lines; the Adoption Center name and the file name. These MAY always be after where it say 1000 and 1001 but I don't know if it's those particular lines in every single file, I would guess so though. Okay, remember those two (or copy if needed). Look up the same area in the non-unibreed file, and replace with the names from the unibreed file. If the name at line 1000 is anything but the file's default name it means that it will have a different name in the Adoption Center, and if you change it make sure you changed the name under BMP to (step 4) or it will crash the game because it won't be able to find the paths correctly.

One section left! Pick the unibreed again - In the left menu, pick RCData, then 1003. Look at the Breed ID (as hex). Learn this number by heart (or copy it) and find the same section in the non-unibreed and replace.

Step 6
As the very, very last step, all you need to change is the actual filename, the name of the file you've been editing. It should be called the exact same thing as the breed file named listed under String List - 63 or you may have problems breeding the file (it's case sensitive).

Congratulations, you've converted an unibreed to a regular file!